United States

As the exclusive U.S. distributor for DynaEnergetics, DynaEnergetics US Inc. provides quality German-engineered and manufactured products and compatibility proven systems that set the standard for excellence in oilfield explosives. These include all perforating gun components from detonators and boosters to detonating cord, shaped charges, perforating hardware and TCP equipment. If you’re looking for a particular charge performance, we can provide it with confidence. In addition a wide range of accessories from market leading third parties are distributed. And one of our strategically located eight district branches is prepared to get it to you quickly.

Two qualities spell success in today’s oilfield perforating systems business: speed and reliability.  And the employees of DynaEnergetics US Inc. have dedicated themselves to making sure our customers get plenty of both. For us, it’s Friendly Accelerated Service you can Trust, and we’re totally dedicated to getting you the high-performance material you need, when you need it.

Since June 2010, AECO (Austin Explosives Company) has been part of DynaEnergetics. Some People still know us AECO (Austin Explosives Company), but after the interface we changed the name to DynaEnergetics US Inc. The head Office of DynaEnergetics US Inc. is located in Austin, Texas.

How it began
Austin Explosives (AECO) was founded in 1960 by Paul Alfred Keller to serve his engineering and construction company’s needs for explosives. The company was primarily involved in mining and construction for most of its first three decades. In 1991 Keller Bradfield, the grandson of the founder, assumed leadership of the company and decided to enter the oil and gas explosives market.

For the next ten years, AECO concentrated on serving Texas-based oil and gas producers and wireline service customers.  In 2003, distribution warehouses were opened in Corpus Christi, Victoria, Pearland, Tyler and Lafayette, Louisiana. In 2008 warehouses were opened in Hobbs, New Mexico and Bridgeport, Texas. Today, DynaEnergetics US Inc. operates on a broader scale, shipping perforating system products throughout all of the United States and south to Central and Latin America.