The DynaSelect™ System is the world’s first fully integrated switch-detonator combination with improved software controls. It guarantees all the reliability and safety the industry has come to expect, plus unrivaled reductions in time, operator error, and related costs. DynaSelect™ represents a momentous shift in perforating technology, efficiency, and reliability, and is a hallmark of our commitment to innovation.

DynaSelect™ combines the RF, stray current and voltage safe technology of the DynaEnergetics™ fluid disabled detonator series and the DynaEnergetics™ Selectronic switch into one package. Service companies can now achieve extreme efficiencies when arming, running and maintaining the perforating operation.


  • Unique all-in-one switch detonator design
  • Reduction of required electrical connections from 5 to 3 per gun
  • Based on the proven Selectronic switch technology
  • Reduction to the size of a conventional detonator
  • Combination of plug setting and perforating
  • Efficient single trip perforating with up to 40 guns
  • Skip over capability
  • DynaSelect™ surface tester available
  • State-of-the-art software for perforating control
  • Uninterrupted communication with all detonators while in the well
  • State of the art hardware for fast and easy assembly with low maintenance
  • Pressure isolation between guns with no moving parts
  • RF, stray current and voltage - safe electronic detonator technology
  • Fully API RP67 compliant


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