FracTune charges have been designed and qualified for conventional and unconventional reservoirs that require hydraulic fracture stimulation. The charges generate an engineered jet that results in uniform casing hole entry diameter and shape independent of the gun phasing, shot density and position within the casing.

Wells perforated with FracTune show low variation in flow and pressure across the perforations, uniform proppant placement, uniform frac clusters and reduced screenouts.  The result is better hydraulic fracture efficiency and well performance as compared to conventional deep penetrating shaped charges. 

FracTune charges are available in DynaStage and conventional gun systems


  • Reduces bridging and screenouts during fracture treatment
  • Reduces variations in flow and pressure across the perforations
  • Uniform proppant placement across the perforations
  • Uniform distribution of treating fluid and pressure across the perforations
  • Faster ramp up to treating pressure


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