Infinity Single Shot Firing Panel

The Infinity Single Shot plane is designed to initiate DynaEnergetics RF-Safe, stray current and stray voltage safe electronic detonators and igniters.

DS Trinity™ Perforating System

Single-plane, three-point fracture initiation system, that is three times shorter than traditional guns, improving design capabilities and operational efficiencies.

DynaSlot™ XL - 360° Certainty Well Abandonment

The DynaSlot™ XL system uses an array of rectangular charges to attain full 360-degree access to the annulus, casing/cement, and cement/formation boundaries.

PYXtreme™ Product Line

Ultra-high-temperature ballistic train products, engineered and tested for the highest temperature and time applications.

Infinity Surface Tester

Specifically designed to give “peace of mind” when surface testing either the DynaSelect™ or the DynaStage™ Solutions. It safely checks full system functionality while still on the surface detecting faulty wiring, grounding and initiator issues.

DYNASTAGE™ Perforating Gun System

The fully plug-and-go systems alleviate labor costs, assembly time, maintenance and risk of misfire in order to substantially streamline operations.

Infinity Firing Panel

Streamlined design for faster and more reliable perforating operations – simply dependable.

Setting the Standard in Well Completion, Perforating, Seismic and Well Abandonment Technologies

DynaEnergetics perforating systems make a measureable impact on well productivity, completion cost and safety. When you leverage our technology you’ll see a measurable difference in safety, reliability and efficiency. We are the only supplier that designs, manufactures and qualifies innovative equipment and accessories in-house to ensure unmatched performance and the lowest total cost of operations. Our technologies are used by the world’s largest service companies and the smallest regional providers to optimize performance for majors, independents and national oil companies worldwide.



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