DynaEnergetics Introduces DS Echo™ Perforating System for Re-frac Applications in Unconventional Wells


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New Solution Expands DynaEnergetics’ family of DS Factory-Assembled, Performance-Assured™ Perforating Systems into the Re-frac Market

HOUSTON – June 08, 2020 -- DynaEnergetics, a business of DMC Global Inc. (Nasdaq: BOOM), today introduced DS Echo, a perforating system designed for re-frac operations in unconventional oil and gas wells.  The system’s slim design enables deployment within the smaller-diameter secondary casing of a previously completed well. 

DS Echo is equipped with EchoFrac™ shaped charges, which were developed specifically for re-frac applications. EchoFrac charges deliver uniform entry-hole diameter and enough perforating punch to penetrate two layers of casing, regardless of gun positioning. The result is better fracture treatments, and ultimately, better production volumes.  EchoFrac’s clean perforations of both casings ensure the integrity of the cement sheath between the inner and the outer strings, as well as the cement-to-formation bond. This eliminates fracture migration between perforation tunnels, and delivers optimum reservoir stimulation. EchoFrac charges also provide consistent Area Open to Flow (AOF) while maintaining effective isolation of all stages and perforations.

DS Echo is the latest addition to DynaEnergetics’ expanding line of DS Factory-assembled, Performance-assured perforating systems.  Like all DS Systems, DS Echo is shipped fully assembled to the well site, where it can be armed in seconds with the wire-free IS2™ intrinsically safe™ initiating system. 

“Well recompletions can be a cost effective and compelling alternative to drilling and completing new wells,” said Ian Grieves, president of DynaEnergetics.  “The simplicity and compact design of DS Echo means a single crew member can arm the system, attach it to the perforating string, and electronically test the full string before deployment. DS Echo is completely disposable, eliminating the need to reclaim connecting subs and components. Since the system arrives fully assembled, our customers can forego investments in remote storage facilities, inventory and supply chain resources.

“The expansion of our DS product family illustrates our commitment to helping exploration and production companies and their service providers streamline their business models.  By transitioning from field assembled components to fully factory assembled, performance-assured perforating systems, our customers are maximizing the safety, efficiency and and profitability of their completion programs on both new and existing wells.”

About DynaEnergetics
DynaEnergetics’ innovative perforating systems make a measurable impact on well productivity, completion cost and safety. As the only global perforating manufacturer that designs, manufactures and qualifies all of its equipment and accessories in-house, DynaEnergetics ensures unmatched performance and the lowest total cost of operations. For more information, visit www.dynaenergetics.com.


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