Company Milestones

1865 Alfred Nobel founds the forerunner company of Dynamit Nobel AG
1867 Alfred Nobel invents dynamite and files the patent

Dynamit Nobel

1961 Development of the pressure and temperature resistant detonator Z-480.
1990 Development of the pressure and temperature resistant HMX detonating cord Octocord PT165. 
1991 Dynamit Nobel begins manufacturing shaped charges in Troisdorf, Germany.
1998 Introduction of the RF-safe electronic detonator.
2000 Introduction of the RF-safe selective perforating system.
2001 Management buyout of the oilfield division, now DynaEnergetics™ GmbH & Co KG.


2003 Start of hardware manufacturing at the Troisdorf plant, Germany.
2003 DynaEnergetics™ founds DynaEnergetics™ Rus in Moscow, Russia.
2005 DynaEnergetics™ becomes the world market leader in HNS API19B performance.
2006 Foundation of KazDynaEnergetics™ in Kazakhstan.
2007 DynaEnergetics™ is acquired by DMC.

DynaEnergetics™ , a DMC company

2007 First API 19B test with DPEX shaped charges using energetics liner technology.
2008 Opening of a regional office in the United Arab Emirates.
2009 DMC acquires LRI, Canada
2009 First DPEX data from API 19B section 4 flow tests are published.
2010 DMC acquires Austin Explosives Company, Austin, USA .
2012 DynaSelect™, the world’s first integrated switch safe selective initiation system, is launched.
2012 DMC acquires the hardware manufacturer TRX, Whitney, USA.
2012 Installation of an API RP 19B section 4 flow lab at R&D facility of DynaEnergetics™ Germany
2012 World record in API RP 19B penetration with 39g DP2 Gun System.
2013 Opening of a distribution warehouse in Bogota, Columbia.
2013 Launch of DynaSlot™, the world’s first slotted charge for Plug and Abandonment cement squeeze operations.
2013 DynaEnergetics™ opens a new shaped charge production plant in Blum, USA.
2014 Launch of DynaStage™, a fully disposable and selective perforating gun system.
2014 DynaEnergetics™ opens a new gun manufacturing plant in Tyumen, Russia
2015 DynaEnergetics™ opens a new shaped charge production plant in Tyumen, Russia
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