RF safe Detonators

Oilfield accidents involving wireline perforating still happen. Frequently the cause is the unintentional, premature firing of explosives caused by extraneous electricity — stray current or voltage, static electricity or high-frequency irradiation; or unintentional initiation caused by human error. DynaEnergetics™ truly safe detonator offers protection against all kinds of extraneous electricity.

An electronic digital-coded detonator represents the centerpiece of the DynaEnergetics™ Safe Perforating System. Unlike conventional electric detonators, this electronic detonator uses a built-in capacitor to fire the fuse head. The safe system of DynaEnergetics™ provides protection against accidents caused by all extraneous electricity.


  • More than "just" RF-safe
  • Safe against RF: unparalleled safety against high-frequency irradiation
  • Safe against stray current and voltage: far superior to electric detonators
  • Safe against static electricity: unaffected by electrostatic discharges, e.g. in the human body
  • Safe against induced power caused by lightning: immune to stray current from a lightning strike when the gun system is in the hole
  • Can only be initiated through a combination of software control and human interaction on a firing panel

RF safe detonators

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