HaloFrac charges are designed and qualified to create an ideal perforation for hydraulic fracture stimulation in conventional and unconventional reservoirs.  The proprietary technologies in HaloFrac incorporate DynaEnergetics’ latest advances in liner materials and shaped charge geometry.  Extensive modeling and testing has been conducted on a variety of low and high permeability rock samples in our Section IV laboratory.  This iterative process has resulted in a shaped charge with superior frac performance across a wide range of formations.

Perforating with HaloFrac creates tunnel-tip fractures and results in lower and more consistent breakdown pressures, uniform proppant placement, reduced screen outs, highly uniform frac clusters and higher well productivity ratios.

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  • Higher initial production
  • Higher productivity ratios
  • Lower breakdown pressures result from tunnel tip fractures
  • Reduced treating pressures and increased treating rate
  • Reduced bridging and screenouts during fracture treatment
  • Uniform proppant placement across the perforations
  • Uniform distribution of treating fluid and pressure 
  • across the perforations
  • Faster ramp up to treating pressure


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