performance optimized shaped charges

DynaEnergetics™ offers a full range of shaped charges optimized for total target penetration and entry hole diameter performance.  Our charge portfolio includes temperature and pressure resistant encapsulated charges for through tubing gun (TTG) applications, as well as charges incorporating Zinc cases for low debris applications.

Our deep penetrating (DP) charges are available in three generations of performance.  A number of the third generation shaped charges have achieved record perforating depths (per API Section 1 test results).

Big hole (BH) shaped charges create large diameter perforations. They are mainly used for sand control in gravel pack completions, in soft sandstones where wormholing is desired or in hard permeable sandstones where an increase in flow area is needed. 

DynaEnergetics™ good hole (GH) shaped charges offer solid penetration and increased casing hole diameter over comparable weight deep penetrating charges.

performance optimized shaped charges

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